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Free-range chicken and Iberian ham croquette, suitable for coeliacs. 

Red shrimp, hake and rapte croquette, suitable for coeliacs.

Iberian ham

Cured cheese Abrigo (goat) D.O. Catí

Galician octopus

Grilled octopus
with two all and oli (black and white garlic)

Steamed mussels

Mussels with seafood

Grilled prawns

Grilled red shrimp

Grilled cuttlefish with almond paste, confit onion and green sauce

Calamari with homemade mayonnaise and lemon sauce

Shrimp Carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil from Peñiscola


Green salad

Goat cheese and nuts salad

Rice noodle salad with prawns and artichokes

Salted bluefin tuna belly salad, pickles and baked tomatoes

Salad with tomato and smoked codfish

Grilled vegetables


Rice a banda

with Prawns and Clams

Columbretes Rice 

with Lobster

Peñiscola Rice

with Lobster

Illa Rice

with Red Prawns and Clams

Black Rice

with Red Prawns, Calamari and Clams

Senyoret rice

with peeled shellfish


with Prawns and Clams

Seafood Paella

only Seafood

Mixed Paella

Meat and Seafood

Valencian Paella

Meat and Vegetables


Grilled entrecote

Grilled entrecote with foie

Entrecote with pepper sauce

Grilled veal sirloin steak

Grilled beef tenderloin with foie gras

Grilled beef tenderloin with pepper sauce


Grilled Sole (300gr/400gr)

Sole in suquet (300gr/400gr)

Grilled monkfish

Monkfish in suquet

Lobster stew with potatoes

Fish soup


Prawn cannelloni with béchamel sauce and roasted garlic

Kid's shoulder (cooked at low temperature)

Magret of duck with foie shavings and pears in muscatel sauce

Boneless pig's trotters with mixed mushrooms and red prawns

Cod confit with false pil pil and seaweed julienne

Resmesclo of cuttlefish with prawns

Monkfish burger with prawns and Iberian bacon (without bread)

All y pebre de pulpo con almejas (octopus with clams)

Rice with duck and foie


Carajillo: burnt rum, coffee mousse with vanilla or coffee ice cream

Egg flan with cream ice cream

Baked pumpkin flan with rosemary ice cream

Fusion: citrus sponge cake with tangerine, lemon and Peta Zetas sorbet

Homemade nougat ice cream

Carrot cake with scoop of ice cream to taste

Chocolate cake with scoop of ice cream to taste


Ice creams: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, cream, nougat, lemon and tangerine (1, 2 and 3 scoops).

Discover the nooks and crannies of the most beautiful town in Spain, Peñíscola.
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